Monday, 28 January 2008

Battle plans

This weekend I finally got to play the Ascendancy war game I had been painting figures for, modelling a mine entrance (see photo below of finished mine) for & designing tactics for.

I had everything finished by Thursday although Friday I received an email saying players were sending extra troops meaning extra figures so had to dig into my old figure supply and find something suitable. The only problem area being a female Fey player who generally wears green, having nothing suitable she was represented by a green wraith (see photo below)

Saturday I had early start since I wanted a friendly face to help play the game so arranged to pick up my friend Dave from Coventry, thankfully his other half Julie agreed to pick him up and take him home. I therefore up by 6.30am I collected Dave who wants to write his own rules system, so I him gave lots of alternative approaches to think about and before I knew it our conversation had returned us to Ripley.

The game was taking place in the Chimera shop, my job being mainly to record what happened for a write up post battle for the players. I also looked after the player’s character figures while Andy looked after the bad guys and JohnT and Dave played the main forces Generals.

During the game I was visited by Jock, then an hour later his wife Bridgette who brought me a surprise present to let me make creamy latte coffees ,while Julie also gave a present of another box of Cherry & Cinnamon tea, so thanks to both of them.

The game lasted about 4 and half hours and was evenly matched until the last role of the dice, when the Ascendancy player’s side won, but only just.

Post battle a War hammer player turned up with her army and asked for a refresher course in the rules, JohnT and Dave obliged while I cleared things away, ready for shop closing.

We all then went for bite to eat at the pub, before retreating to Andy house for chat, unfortunately for Julie and Heather mainly about rules and war games.

By 10pm however my early start and war game had took its toll and mentally I was ready to retire so left for home to find my cat Jasmine sitting in the upstairs window of my house, she had been shut upstairs all day, but somehow managed to cross her legs until I got home.


  1. Jasmine is developing a habit for getting herself locked into or out of things methinks. :-S

    I know Dave had great fun on Saturday, so thankyou for collecting him even though it was a very long day for you.

  2. Well done to Jasmine for holding herself all day!
    I like wraiths, they're great figures, what ever colour :-)
    Glad you enjoyed the day. I don't think Julie and I were too bored by your conversation!