Sunday, 31 May 2009

Dr Who in Coventry

Yesterday I visited the Dr Who exhibition in Coventry with Julie and Dave which is full of prop and costumes from the series, plus interactive displays, videos from the series and animatronics.
It was very good but small, I think we saw everything within half an hour, but afterwards we went round the rest of transport museum which took a another three or four hours, with lunch, cake and a guided tour of the Cathedral area by Dave.

Julie and Dave in front of the Tardis

Scary clockwork robot thing, I remember enjoying this episode.

Rusty K9

Robot Santa's

Dave who was not part of the display.

Dr Who's No. 1 enemy

We also nipped by Coventry's Cathedral destroyed in the 2nd world war, and a very quiet contemplative place.

Coventry is like most cities a mix of old, new and the downright ugly, a lot of Coventry having been damage in WWII is quite ugly post war buildings, however pockets of well preserved buildings exist and Coventry seems to make good use of them.

This photo below is from a walkway above the original Coventry Cathedral (not the one destroyed in the war), Dave did a lot of work here so he is full of interesting information.

This is unfortunately my last photo since my camera battery died, taken from the same place as the photo above.

The Transport museums cakes are good also, even if a little filling just after big lunch, which in turn left me rather bloated by the time I got to eat the supper Dave had prepared us, that perhaps combined with the warm day left me with no appetite so when Dave brought out a big plate of food I was little overwhelmed.

A good day that left me smiling about the future.