Sunday, 19 July 2009

15th Century out, 19th Century in.

This week I got rid of a bit of Medieval gear, none of my costume just weapons and armour, this includes 5 polearm's including Katherine my pole mace which I made myself while having welding lessons and I'm already kinda of regretting selling it. I also got rid of 3 swords and a sword blade, remarkably that still leaves me my best sword and a very good two handed axe which is extremely light to use. I also got rid of my weighty Milanese arm armour, my fully enclosed leg armour, a breast and back plate that looks like it had been through several wars, and a pair of steel gauntlets, so all the armour I have left is my padded jack, my visored English style great Bascinet 14C, a very rusty 15C sallet and a 12C open face great helm, I call my crusader helm.

Picture of 4 of my polearms.

So I'm feeling a little de-cluttered and clad to be rid in the most part since I have not fought in a battle for about 5 years and not fought in full armour for about 12 years I can't see the point in keeping it, especially since the only reenactment I now do if any is the odd murder mysteries and living history Henry the VIII court costume so don't need fighting the kit.

Other than that I spent the weekend visiting car boots & charity shop looking for tat to turn into steam punk tat and found nothing, so I visited my favorite scrap metal / antiques shop in Wirksworth where I found a few bits and spent nearly £ 12 on 3 items, £8 of which was spent on something called a Viltalator see the picture below I couldn't resist, hardly needs jazzing up to use in a steam punk Universe. The Vitalator is 19C electric shock therapy machine, I just need to plug it in and find a volunteer ....muhaahar, although it needs a modern plug with square not round pins and no idea if it works, since on the internet in good condition which this is not, they sell for a £100 or so.

A Vitalator

I also finished the 1st of my gadgets for the Science of Murder Ascendancy Larp event, but can't put pictures here since I want the gadgets to be a surprise for the players.