Sunday, 19 October 2008

Old friends

I went out on Friday night and met up at a pub with Pete and Barbara who I had not seen (after some working out) for 8 years, they had not changed that much, a little larger around the waist but that was about it, unlike myself who they believe has somehow got younger and thinner, it was nice compliment.

The pub in Ashover was a real ale pub and jam packed because of a band playing, I also think they had the heating on so even after I took my coat off I found myself dripping sweat from standing still, I might be younger but I envied those with seats, and those near the cooling breeze of doorways, I felt old standing there with my orange juice.

An hour into the evening who should tap me on the shoulder but my youngest brother Stephen, apparently he waved and gestured from the other side of the pub, but I had not seen him staring straight passed him. So after he checked my eyesight we had a chat and he pointed out his friends, names I knew from when I lived with my parents with him, but faces apart from Cannon who I no longer recognised at all. Stephen's still working up in Scotland, trying to work out how to fit a what I would call a catalytic converter the size of 4 houses to power station.

I also ended up this weekend with new compact camera when looking for a mp3 player, the camera plays mp3 to plug into to my car, is very gadgety and takes ridiculous 10 mega pixel photos, stores 1600 plus of them or a silly 10,000 plus photos at 1 MPixel with its 4GB memory card, seem camera's like everything electronic have got better and smaller. It fits in my shirt pocket, will I ever use my SLR again?

Some photos below taken with my new camera.