Sunday, 30 August 2009

Day out at the Zoo

Spent the day with the primates at Twycross zoo yesterday, 3 of which you can see below.

Julie (centre) as already posted on her blog about various things such as the Guanoco getting a bit feisty and the banging of windows when it says please don't!, she also got some nice photographs, so I will leave you to read her blog about those items.

I took lots of photos, most of the enclosures, other members of public, awkward position of subjects and reflective glass screens made it incredibly difficult to get good shots, particularly of the apes and monkeys the zoo specialises in breeding, so a lot of my photos did not come out well.

As can be seen below the new 3 and bit week old elephant was very popular and I could not even get to the fence, I did eventually get a shot from the other side by going down a closed off path.

The zoo has plenty of apes but not much else, we have Capybara the worlds largest rodent, about the size of pig (see below).

Meercats and Prairie Dogs which were fun

I have a couple of cat photos one of a Scottish wild cat which is about the same size as Charlie and a leopard which I edited away the bar from.

We all had a good day out Dave left some ice cream which was too sweet for him and after a few mouthfuls too sweet for me.

We arrived not long after opening and left as the final gift shop was closing so I would say we got a good days entertainment out of the zoo. Julie fed us, Dave provided drinks and I did the driving and even the roads managed to be not blocked by heavy bank holiday traffic, apart from not being able to get off at my junction on the way home due to the road works.

I didn't wear sun block so my exposed arms are a little red today.

Photo 35 of 52

Two photographs with reflections involved, 1 in the glass of a monkey cage, the other me in sunglasses.