Wednesday, 18 June 2008

I was in somewhere near Southampton

On Monday I went to Southampton for a training course for work, travelling down at lunch with some other of our firms employees, the journey was completed in less than 4 hours without stops, and since I had back seat I struggled to get out the car at the other, both knees having seized up.

The Hotel was very nice, who ever made the bed must have used some industrial tensioning machine machine since the sheets were that tight to bed not only could I not initially get into bed, I then struggled to pull the sheet out from under mattress, I thought it was me, but comparing notes the following morning its seems we had all had the same problems. After going for meal and changing a flat tire, well not me I watched the car owner do it, offering those irritating hints of that don't help.
Back at the hotel I was just getting to sleep when other unknown guests became a little rowdy and insisted banging doors and running down corridors doing who knows what, still did get to sleep eventually.

Nice course, did feel sleepy through, even if the air conditioning was on freeze and the only beverage was coffee.

The course did not finish until quarter past five so it was quite late by the time I got back and we did not stop for meal, only at the garage for fuel and mars bar, still least I wasn't driving and traffic was good at that time of night.