Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Battle for New Tara

Sunday I looked after a war game the battle for New Tara part of the AscendancyLRP system using Warhammer rules.

The game ended up with far more players than expected not only Sam(Wood) & Gareth(War), turned up but James(Alex), Jak(Garaw), ChrisA(Jaunty), Kieron(Marlow), Dan(Bulverik), and (Alex)Joseph. So we had 8 players v Andy and John who where not only outnumbered off the battlefield but on with the players having far more points, lots of characters and magic, still even so the victory condition where such that Andy & John could still have created a victory.

So with 10 people all wanting the odd answer every few seconds I was glad to have Alex there who knew Warhammer rules far better than me and answered most of the technical question, leaving me to deal with special Ascendancy rules and the battle right up.

The battle was finally won by the players 35 points to 24 points closes than it looked, a long day but but enjoyable.

(click image for larger picture)

Craven on his beast next to the Black Knights.

Skeleton Crossbow.

Chance fights Necromancer.

Tsunami Fights Ghouls.


Havelock reaches the gate.

Garaw Fights Zombies

Friday, 24 July 2009

Sunday, 19 July 2009

15th Century out, 19th Century in.

This week I got rid of a bit of Medieval gear, none of my costume just weapons and armour, this includes 5 polearm's including Katherine my pole mace which I made myself while having welding lessons and I'm already kinda of regretting selling it. I also got rid of 3 swords and a sword blade, remarkably that still leaves me my best sword and a very good two handed axe which is extremely light to use. I also got rid of my weighty Milanese arm armour, my fully enclosed leg armour, a breast and back plate that looks like it had been through several wars, and a pair of steel gauntlets, so all the armour I have left is my padded jack, my visored English style great Bascinet 14C, a very rusty 15C sallet and a 12C open face great helm, I call my crusader helm.

Picture of 4 of my polearms.

So I'm feeling a little de-cluttered and clad to be rid in the most part since I have not fought in a battle for about 5 years and not fought in full armour for about 12 years I can't see the point in keeping it, especially since the only reenactment I now do if any is the odd murder mysteries and living history Henry the VIII court costume so don't need fighting the kit.

Other than that I spent the weekend visiting car boots & charity shop looking for tat to turn into steam punk tat and found nothing, so I visited my favorite scrap metal / antiques shop in Wirksworth where I found a few bits and spent nearly £ 12 on 3 items, £8 of which was spent on something called a Viltalator see the picture below I couldn't resist, hardly needs jazzing up to use in a steam punk Universe. The Vitalator is 19C electric shock therapy machine, I just need to plug it in and find a volunteer ....muhaahar, although it needs a modern plug with square not round pins and no idea if it works, since on the internet in good condition which this is not, they sell for a £100 or so.

A Vitalator

I also finished the 1st of my gadgets for the Science of Murder Ascendancy Larp event, but can't put pictures here since I want the gadgets to be a surprise for the players.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Photo 29 of 52

This rabbit is an escapee, sitting outside his cage nibbling grass.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Two weekends of Larp

The last 2 weekends have been spend larping with Ascendancy.

The 1st weekend was spent running up and down Shining Cliffs steep hills at the end of a very hot humid week and so was very draining.

Having officially handed in my player status and joined the referee team full time meant I could play certain characters to their full potential which was great.

Photos of the player group.

This event was small group event, a precursor to next event and introduced 3 new players with starting characters to larp, but also contained several very experience players with powerful characters, no healers which made it difficult to balance, but it turned out OK, they all survived and had a good time.

This is the crew for the event doing what we do best wait for the players.

The 2nd weekend was at Murton Park, less running around, but a very open plot which gave the players chance to go in many directions and the crew chance to drop bits of personal plot in here and there, the event ended earlier than expected when the players jumped the refs with a group side plot they all decided to go on that ultimately ended with in character choices that split the player base into 3, each group with legitimate claim to their own morale high ground.

Me has a tribal type.

My fellow tribesmen.

Me getting shot.

DaveP did a excellent job with makeup at the weekend, I didn't get many photos since I was very busy but here's a couple of spirit Totems Dave created.



Having finished early we still only managed to get back to my house for five where pizza was consumed.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

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Not often you get chance to take a photo of a lady in a lake.

Friday, 3 July 2009