Sunday, 16 November 2008

Busy Weekend

I've had busy weekend of shopping, visiting and game preparations.

Saturday started with a early morning looking for a present for Katie's 18th, her mother not being able to help with ideas left me to fend for myself, what do I know about suitable gifts for 18 year girls, well zip really. Having consulted a couple of people for advice which gave me a few avenues to pursue I went looking, but with no time I could not find stuff that fitted the bill and my sense of humour for presents. I had less than a hour to find the gift since the rest of the day was full, in the end I got a remote control realistic rat that jumps and giant jar of jelly beans, nowhere near my intended jewelry box or pink slippers.

Next the Optician where my prescription as not changed again, but since my glasses are 5 years old decided new glasses are in order, I went for rimless variety for a change.

Straight after that I picked up Jocks wife Bridgette and AndyH to go to TORM, Jock wasn't coming due to World of Warcraft addiction of a new upgrade, although he would claim otherwise. Setting off for Coventry we crawled through the centre of town to pick DaveP up and then headed off to TORM where everyone disappeared on their own little shopping spree's. I found myself looking at a grey/brown wig which suited me, got a second opinion, then went into to purchase, it was a little expensive so I asked if he would reduce the price, he did budge a inch, being so used to always getting a few pence off traders and it being a something I did not really need at that price made me step away from the purchase. I then purchased a cloak I did not need and some jewelry and saying would you do me a discount the trader gave a instant 25per cent off, a lot more than expected. After that I wondered the stalls with DaveP running into Colin and Lotti, Doug and Iszy, Kate and I can't remember her boyfriends name, Doug was very jovial, spending money on kit, while Iszy was at the Mulberry Dyers stall buying yarn. Me, Bridgette and AndyL left Dave for coffee and chatted to a few Medieval friends while Dave did a last minute dash before we headed home.

I then spent the evening after watching Merlin preparing for next weekend sea battle wargame, Jock's tall ships rules needed revising to suit the fantasy element, and simplifying for a non wargame audience, before I knew it, it was midnight, the house heating had switched off and I found myself wondering why I was feeling cold.

Sunday involved dashing over to see Katie to deliver her presents, somehow the remote control rat turn out to be a hit has she chased the families 2 dogs around with it; Jack Russels aren't they supposed to chase rats, not the other way around. AndyT and Linda where both there with bad colds as was Christopher home from University with a new girlfriend who is also into Larp, after feeding me rich chocolate birthday cake they then disappeared to the Cat Protection league looking for cat, they wanted one like my Jasmine, I think they will be very lucky if they do as was I when I found her.

I then visited AndyL (another cold victim) at his shop, discussed game stuff for next battle before going around to Jocks to play test the revised rules, 4 hours of play later a few minor tweaks we declared them OK, before I left for Sunday evening dinner at my Mums.

My mum had baked me a massive Christmas cake she was just feeding whisky to keep it moist, it smells wonderful I'm not sure it will keep until Christmas, but I will try. Whilst there she showed me a singing Christmas farting dog, well I had to video it, see below, totally tasteless but it made me laugh.

Definitely a busy and enjoyable weekend even though Jasmine probably did not appreciate me being out the house so much.

Only play when you can listen as well as watch.

You have to laugh :) even if I am shaking my head in disbelief at the same time.