Sunday, 9 August 2009

Mud and flies

I spent my weekend crewing a Ascendancy Larp event for Alex, a special one off event to celebrate his birthday and also see off two of his friends emigrating to America.

(Alex wearing his Raven Hat)

The event was at a Shining cliff, a regular site that despite a lovely weekend of weather was more muddy than it gets in the winter due a good month of rain preceding. The damp conditions had brought out the flies and the whole forest buzzed quite loudly with millions of them, at least the forest ants where not as active as usual.

(Me has one of Finalays elite guard)

Julie wrote the event more or less on her own the odd idea was thrown at her but I'd been concentrating on future events and battles, other ref RichS had been ill with zombie plague pig flu and Andy was tied up with future prospects for his store, so it all fell on her to organise so I was glad she at least made one day to see the players and be involved in her hard work.

(Photo below Julie has a villager)

Alex got a few birthday plot surprises, and the players really enjoyed themselves, it was a one off for them so not sure they will be back but I heard at least one say the event had made him want to take up larping again, so it was a great success.

(Julie has the Noodle lady in disguise)

On Saturday I manage to kneel on a sharp stone heavily which not only cut my knee open but made it swell overnight, even though I didn't discover the cut until I showered. Then I had nocturnal leg cramp which made my eyes water and left me limping for the first 30 minutes of my morning. To add to my woes I discovered by time I reached the event around 10am Sunday morning I had begun too fell ill with something, I felt weak, queasy, cold and clammy and started to get a pounding headache, I can only assume I must have looked a little pale or ill since Andy kept asking me if I was alright, however by the time of the last encounter I was feeling much better, and feel fine now apart tired and aching muscles.

Other than that I really enjoyed myself both days, Saturday was lots of fighting, I got to play a dwarf and other combatants, on Sunday I was given the role of player escort since Andy believed I knew the plot and possible I looked ill, well it seemed I did know the plot everything went smoothly and I got to play the evil bad (well at least in the players opinion) Dark Rider or Bringer of Light has he call himself until I got walloped away by a raven staff wielding witch.

(Me has the Dark Rider)

(Below RichS and below that Dave had Nightmare's, Dave has a very good eye for costume and make up.)

(Dave again has our visitor from the dreaming)
The photo above was full of people and blue bags in the background so I re-touched them away