Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Weeklong Adventure

For the past eleven days I've been camping with my friends in a wood in Wales, the week started off very wet but eventually turned out nice. It was one of those weeks where many things happened but I'm already struggling to remember everything but a few personal highlights, possible because I need a few days to recover.

I shared a camp with Julie and Dave and as far as I know managed to get through the week without irritating them, apart from perhaps the incident where Dave went through a box of matches that would not light, and I managed to light the 1st one I struck, this resulted in me being promoted to storm kettle boiler.

The event was thoroughly enjoyed the first two sections especially, the last being rather slow for many reasons, mainly a guild plot that did not engage me and a dreaming plot that was kept away from all but the Frontier tribes.

I got back and was unloaded for 2am this morning, collected Jasmine who is just running around the house and returning every 5 minutes to jump on me and purr. The Cattery said they found it cute the way she total buries herself under the fleece rather than sleeping on top of it.

I don't feel tired, but I'm sure that will change as the day progresses.