Sunday, 30 March 2008

Jonty wins the day but looses.

This Saturday was 3rd in a series of Ascendancy table top battles, this one saw the undead hoards face Avalon.
The battle that started out with all the advantages stacked in favour of Avalon due the players of the Ascendancy Larp game really getting behind and doing as much as they could to make sure they won.
However with 3 elements to the game, the General leading Avalon failed on 1 of them probably the most crucial to Larp world, while not to the battle itself, so Avalon won overall, I think they Larp game players may consider it a loss.
General Jonty returned in charge of Avalon, Jock took charge of the Undead or Forsaken as we call them, Sam took charge of Nightjar and making the Emperor look good while giving Jock and Jonty regular history lesson on why this or that was necessary, I was the newspaper reporter
and Andy did special effects.

It was big game using 4 tables in the Chimera shop, around 300 figures, 2/3 painted by me, and lasted about 5 hours, although I was at the shop for about 8 hours with setting up and packing away.

DaveP (the General at the previous 2 games) painted his own character figure, Dr Flay as the picture below, the paintings good but its the modelling he did to this figure which is only one inch (25mm) high which is excellent, you can't appreciate from this photograph, the original figure was a butler and had niether hat, cravat, glasses or watch from what I remember, perhaps Dave can elighten us with a quick reply.
A couple of figure of my own below which also required a bit of converting altough not to the extent of Dr Flay, Havelock needed a bit of hair, glasses and a cane thats about it.
Below Dr Flay, Havelock and Shaman Rat
Below Queen Morticia and her Necromancers
Today Sunday is brilliant day after yesterday and last weekend, a nice warm sun, the bees are buzzing around the few flowers that have come in my garden, and what with the clocks going forward, spring feels like it here at last, definitely looking favourable for camping events, although anything can happen, and rain in spring is always likely, still it would have been a good day to camp today.

So now its on to my next project which I hope will be a bit of kit for the next event, its fairly simple so I should have the time to get my sewing machine out, we will see how my time goes.