Saturday, 30 May 2009

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A bit of Coventry.

Last weekend.

Great weekend of larping at Shinning cliff, the weather was just warm enough to make for a very pleasant couple of days.

The wood was it usual self, full of giant man eating ants, 3 foot deep mud pool after the rain, and dangerous rock faces all of which added to the atmosphere of what in my opinion turned out to be great event. The 1st day started with the players rushing through Julie's plot so fast I thought we would have to spend Saturday night writing new scenes, however by the afternoon the players realised their lethally efficient approach was making them miss things and they slowed down, that combined with adding a couple of extra bits finally meant we didn't need to steal from Sundays plot. Sunday it turned out opposite with two scenes taking up the full day leaving no room or need for extra padding or combats.
On Saturday night I joined the players as they stayed in the cottage they had rented and listened in as they continued role playing out various background story's and Sam showed off her twisted foot which has since gone blue from toe to heal and the hospital say will take about six weeks to heal, all I can say is the pain killers she took must have been good since continued to fight her way through the plot on Sunday.

I also introduced several props which went down well, I think I will blog about them separately when I can get a few good photos.

Monday was table top battle day, we started early 9.30am so the players could get home early and I could get some food shopping done, well that didn't work out as planned since it was 6pm by the time I dropped AndyL off. The battle started with 2 of the players refusing to hand over the vital information so they could fight the battle and hour later some compromise was agreed even though I not sure they agreed anything, still the battle started and ended up being a great deal of fun, designed more as skirmish game each player played a role in the success. Although one players was determined to kill one of the good guys for some reason and nearly succeeded.

AndyL provided the centre piece of the battle in the form of Ork Stompa conversion.

That was last weekend, and its took until now for me to find time to write about.