Monday, 15 October 2007

Aliens visit York for surfing Holiday

I had great weekend at York, helping run Strangehaven a live role play event.

After travelling through horrendous traffic Friday afternoon leaving my house just after 3 we arrived at York at 6.15pm a 3 hour trip, which is normally 1 ½ hours at the most, Still Julie and Dave spent 5 hours on the road, so I guess I was lucky.

Anyway despite the late start we managed to get playing and introduce Julie's plot and the LGM's (little green men), and with no major parts to play on Friday night I got to ref the encounters, do bead draws and answer OOC players questions which went well, I have learnt a lot since the 1 st event and that made it all far easier and gave me the skills necessary to give it a nice atmosphere prior to LGM's arrival.

(click for larger image)

The LGM costume's (Bob the Hero, Flat Face & Technical One) where great, put together mainly by Dave and well received by players and crew alike, although I suspect those playing them may still be slightly green, since the pigment in the make up was quite hard to remove. (According to Facebook the LGM's are no longer sporting a green glow)

(click for larger image)

Saturday I played Stringer a man beaten and tortured to death then later sent back as a paradox with bomb strapped to him. (Photo will follow hopefully), improvising plot as I went along. Then I did a bit of fighting along Commander Drusa played by Julie, who despite her knee got stuck in to combat and did well.

AndyL removed his shirts a sure sign of a major fight coming which everyone backed away from, since they knew what to expect, that's everyone bar the new player Nathan as Mallerkie who decided to challenge Andy with no shirt to a duel. He fought well but Andy let him off very lightly since he was new.

From then on mostly improvised strangeness which was fun ref'ing and playing the odd combat bunny, until Sunday.

By Sunday morning the player's had worked out the plot, between them they where a very good team and quite sharp, too sharp, we actually had to start throwing in false paths to slow them down a bit.

Overall a very enjoyable weekend, even if very, very tiring, I seem to have woke with bad back and aching limbs, I was fine yesterday.

My thanks goes to Julie for writing a great plot, although I do want to find a way of being more involved in the plotting the next time whenever that is, I may have to go back to writing side plot for Acendancy although when your not ref'ing it's almost impossible to get your plot out, unless you do it yourself and not half as satisfying.