Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Windy Larp

This weekend I tried out a new character a noble with lots of lace handkerchiefs, this was difficult because I had to forget all the knowledge I had, however the character was a lot more useful in a fight than my primary character who normally stands around because he's a pacifist and very fragile, one blow drops him. The costume I'm told looked good, although because it was shinny and new I found a reluctance to lie in the dirt, which will fade as the costume gets worn in, one of the refs liked my hat so much he kept firing arrows into it mainly he said it was the look of disgust on face that my hat was ruined.

The weekend was very windy with bits falling out the trees, one small branch (about the diameter of finger) hit with a bang and actually punctured our day tent, only the leaves and smaller branches stopping it passing straight through onto out heads.

On Monday the rain came with a vengeance, pulling guy ropes out of the ground which collapsed the tent so I had to dash and re-peg the ropes mid fight, getting my costume very wet, saying that I was nowhere near as wet as the crew who did a stirling job fighting outside the tavern while most stayed dry. I should not complain since it appeared other friends around the country had worse problems with broken tent poles, and a whole tree blocked the main road not far from our camp site.