Sunday, 15 July 2007

People I visited this weekend

On Saturday I went to visit my friends I only called in around 2 for quick natter and ended up staying for long chat, tea and watching a film.

While there, his lad who is 10 managed to break a greenhouse window while playing Basketball, so we got in to when I was a youngster mode, talking about all the opportunities kids seem to have now, basket ball clubs, music lessons, computer games, mountains of other toys, and they still get bored. When I was a lad we had none of these opportunities, yet I don't remember being bored, we had garden, fields, Lego and imagination, its all probably us looking rose tinted glasses since who remembers being bored.

Today I got invited round for cup of tea by another mates wife, to plan what we going to do when he's away on his motorbike trip to Spain, we where going to a music festival but I think with changed our minds, but not sure.

Anyway while there I got to see his new motorbike, hmm well not being into motor bike enthusiast it was silver, and had two wheels which was useful, but other than that I think it was a Yamasukitriumphondaraliegh or something like that.

I then watched Shoalin Soccer, a martial arts football film, by the same people has Kung Fu Hustle which was a laugh.