Sunday, 1 June 2008

Hedges, thieves and weddings

I'm just back from my mothers were I've been fed Snickers cake with strawberries which was so yummy I went back for 2nds, 3rds and crumbs. While there I was told I was invited to my cousin Katie's wedding. Katie's a doctor and marrying another doctor I understand although I don't keep in touch with Katie or my Aunt and Uncle her parents and his family which are from India have insisted everyone attends, including me, apparently their will be over 250 guest which sounds ginormous to me. Its not until next May so plenty of time yet and it will be nice to see family not seen for ten years or so, in fact most not since my Grandmother died.

It was a busy weekend, although not with stuff worth writing about on a blog, I reduced the height of my privet hedge by a foot a major task which took about 3 hours, although I wish I'd took another foot off, I poisoned my back garden which needs serious attention more than I'm prepared to give to get it back into to shape, other than I popped about all over the place, I didn't do the intended ride to work and back on my bicycle, simple because it rained today, although I did get out on Saturday for a ride.

My neighbour was broken into again Friday night, while I was asleep, they broke a tough double glazed window with a hammer as well, I was dead to the world but do remember some sort of falling pebble sound in my semi-conscious state. The thieves were caught though, a 30 year old who said it was his mate, and another 20 year old who blamed the 30 year old and said he was at his girlfriends all night, when the police checked his girlfriend spilled the beans, I'm given the ages since my immediate conclusion while listening to my neighbor relay the tale was it sounded like a couple kids, not grown up thieves. They had attempted to break in the previous night but only got though the 1st pane of glass before setting off the alarm, I was out at the time playing magic cards in Andy's shop so again unaware of what happened, a guess the return visit was what led to one of them being caught as the other made off.

That's it folks hope to try and make, paint or do some more interesting stuff for my next entry.