Saturday, 31 October 2009

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Cat Gymnastics. My cat jumping for a yellow and green ribbon off a packet of fudge that I threw in the air.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

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With no photos taken this last week I thought I would play with a photo of week that never got used as I used another photo that week instead. So simply let Paint Shop Pro do it stuff here is a selection of the thousands of choices available if a simple photo is not good enough for you. Throughout the photos I've isolated Julie since applied to faces the effects don't seem to work well without lots of tweaking. (Images are best viewed full size)

This is called Topography effect

This is called Contour effect

This is called Enamel Effect

This us called Foil effect

This called Kaleidoscope effect

And this is the original image, a pretty shot looking over the town of Wirksworth

Saturday, 17 October 2009

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When you haven't took any interesting photographs recently, time to resort to cat photos.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

War gamers and reenactors

After all my previous weekend that were hectic, I had a really quiet one which was welcome, the only thing I did of note was go to a party in Nottingham at my friend Dave's.
He had got together lots of people I knew from the past for what ever reason not quite sure, re-enactors and war gamers, quite a few Games Workshop staff where he works in the design team and also does his own war games figures.
One of the Perry twins was there who I had just brought figures off by mail order and John Stollard who I went to Paris with to play Warhammer for the French in 1980something, he now runs his own war games company, Warlord Games.
Most people I knew even if a few names did not come straight to my mind, I suppose once in a decade its nice to see old acquaintances.

They say never far from a rat, well this one lost a argument with my car as I found it flattened on my drive, I say rat because of it size which was about 250mm excluding the tail, so I think just too big for mouse.

I think rats can be cute, but all I thought about was disease as got the shovel to carry the corpse to the bin, especially with the hundreds of flies buzzing around it.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

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Fun with statistics and dice - table top games

Monday, 5 October 2009

Mole Machine and Some Painted Figures

I have completed several other projects during this month for use in various table top games

The 1st game was a repaint of space gorilla's provide by AndyL into cybernetic steam punk gorilla's controlled by a group of goblins

Then on a similar theme the dungeon in my previous post needed a way to get the player characters out, Von Dumas was the rescuer so we decided on mole machine coming up through the dungeon floor.

This was built in one morning before I went to work from a bit of rolled up cardboard, a cardboard spiral and some rocks from the garden. The cone at the top is a missile pod from a old air fix kit.

The rocks and machine were then given a quick paint and this is the result an hours work at the most.

And lastly a few new oriental figures acquired from Perry Miniatures.

Dungeon Build

This is my latest secret project, a dungeon for a table top skirmish role play game played yesterday.

Built from all sorts of bits, but mostly polystyrene covered in filler then sprayed black and dry brushed. It also included parts from a friends Van Helsing toy, cardboard tubes and old Citadel Miniatures (now Games Workshop) doorways.

I took photographs of the finished item in the dark with the flash deliberately so the depths of dungeon look lost in the dark.

This photo shows the steam punk machines the players found in the dungeon.

And the players enjoying the game.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

My Cat in Bag Haven

Pity I missed most of the earlier fun

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Laser eyed cat