Sunday, 26 April 2009

Pirate Mates

This weekend I headed out to do some larping, well basically to give some of my friends Jock and AndyH a go at the hobby without being overwhelmed by lots of strong characters and fighters that would leave them feeling left out.

I asked Julie to write it and gave her a basic brief to aim at beginners, pirates, and include lots of elements that can make larp fun, well it turned out well and the seasoned players I invited also enjoyed themselves. AndyL introduced other plot into the event so should they wish they now have links into the Ascendancy core events to follow up.

I have included a couple of photos below.

After the event Julie and Dave came round for tea where we discussed future stuff, Dave left me a few bits for props including a Cyberman mask to convert into something.

That's my weekend really I have been painting more lizardmen ready for the next battle in frontier as you can see below, they should be complete by next weekend, giving me chance to sort out the players plan for the battle and build some fort walls.

Oh and I got to wear 2 of my hats I've never worn, my sock hat in the photo below and another brown hat I currently have no photo of as my merchant character.
Its me on the left next to Dave.