Monday, 8 September 2008

Caught Black Handed

Someone told me September was going be drier month than August, well so far we haven't got off to a good start, still I did see the sun today for about half an hour.

My weekend started with a near disaster when I started to wash my long black medieval robe, I was going to leave it as it wasn't really that dirty, but unfortunately the hem had dangled in pee from the mens urinals and smelt. I filled a bath with warm water and washing powder then watched has the black dye quickly decide to run out, fortunately the lining seemed fairly resistant to the dye unlike my hands. With black stained hands I completed the wash and then rinsed and squeezed as much water as possible out still its a heavy garment so will take days to dry, examining the lining it may have gone a a slight shade darker but lucky for me it looks fine which is a relief.

With the rainy weather I seemed to be doing chores almost non stop, I got my sewing machine out and repaired seams on 2 pairs of trousers, 2 shirts and a T shirts, one of my pairs of work trousers had split from crotch to waistband, I have no idea when that happened, I can't remember splitting them.
3 hours of ironing Sunday afternoon seemed to fly by, and I nearly missed visiting my mum's for Sunday roast, she had made deep filled apple and blackberry pie which was tasty and zingy mellowed by the custard, the blackberries freshly picked from the local cementry that morning.

Other than that I also started a few models for a upcoming table top battle and tinkered with a website.

This morning Parcel Force knocked on my door at 6.50 am I was still half asleep, but rushed downstairs and managed to sign for it, so Jasmine now has a big new cardboard box to play in, it was quickly dived in, in fact dived in so hard the box toppled over with Jasmine inside, I expect to get home tonight and find cardboard cheweed off scattered all round my living room.