Friday, 4 September 2009

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Ham roll compalaint

This is not my normal post since I don't use this blog to moan however this time I have.

I bought a Ham salad roll (Ham salad cob if your from around here) from a mobile delivery van and found for the second time in less than a week it had very little filling, at least by my standards see the photo below it, the piece of ham covered half the surface, a tiny bit of lettuce tucked near the visible edge, some thinly sliced tomatoes, onion, cucumber and a thin scrape of butter. (Note there is no ham under the tired looking cucumber)

I was annoyed so sent the supplier a fax saying I wanted my money back £ 1.60 and that they needed to improve or I would not be buying any more from them.

The supplier however did not take criticism well, he rang me up saying he relied on word of mouth and nobody else complained, and said they would no longer deliver to our company since I would apparently bad mouth him and no one would buy. So instead of dealing with the complaint in a sensible way he’s lost his half a dozen customers totally, needless to say he kept to his word and the van has not turned up this morning and unfortunately I’ve not got my money back and I’m very disappointed.

Polling the building I’m in by email, it would seem other people had already stopped buying anything but crisps, cakes and sweets and did not rate his food anyway and nobody seem bothered the van will no longer turn up, so not feeling guilty for being the person responsible for loosing our delivery service.

On the plus side it will stop impulse purchases of food and the down side I will need to drive to the nearest shop if I need anything for lunch.

I somehow feel the supplier won.