Sunday, 15 April 2007

My Mum wants a cat

Following getting my wonderful cat Jasmine from the Cats protection league I've been passing on the virtues of adopting a adult cat. Today I took my Mother to visit the the Derby Adoption centre, she was looking for a young cat that was still adapatable or one that would cope with a excitable King Charles spaniel.
Well following my visit in late January I expected my mum to have reasonable choice, but compared to my visit they only had half the Cats, non were ticked as dog friendly and the young (by that I mean under 2 years) cats were already reserved, so we had no luck.
She will try again and other places.

Plenty of middle aged cats but there was a 18 year cat though a big black cat looking not too bad for age, perhaps they got the age wrong, owner had died, that I thought will be really lucky if it gets a new owner, 18 years is old for cat.