Thursday, 16 April 2009

Weekend of Chaos

Lots of fighting this weekend as I crewed an AscendancyLRP event, crewing involves lots of waiting around with intermittent bouts of running and falling in the mud, with a bit of rain thrown in.

Saturday was lots of fighting and player malingering while Julie and Gabriel put on beards to play dwarves along with us natural beardies as photo below. My steampunk gun is in the photo as well, freshly made for the event.

I also got to play one of the head nasty bad guys before being dissipated by the players, as you can see by smiling face below, I was evil but not at time of photo, got to wear my furry hat for the 1st time though.

I then turned up with Julie on MidlandMidlifes doorstep to be fed; unfortunately the message had arrived a little late so she had to spread what she had about between all her guests.

Julie made some scarecrow mask as photo below which you can see on her blog about the weekend.

Sunday Jock and Julie left us to be replaced by two newbie’s at crewing, one of them another Andy, far too many Andy’s in my world, and we spent all day painting on black stripes across our wiping them off and painting on red, I think we went through a large box of wet wipes after doing this around 7 or 8 times, with the stripes gradually going a muddy brown colour.

After dinner I spent another evening AndyL and Midland Midlife's along with Sam and Gareth who stayed over for a further night so they could play the table top battle the following day.

By Monday my muscles had become a little stiff from the hills of shining cliff, but I got up 6am to sort out figures for the battle and print off some details of various characters.

The battle itself was attended by a couple of players Phil and ChrisF along with Taya (sorry don’t know her real name) at Chimera who along with AndyL represented the Ascendancy players side, while Sam and Gareth fresh from crew played the nasty Chaos lords side.

The points value ended up totally even after the players did good and they mainly with AndyL's help totally conned the enemy and won a outstanding victory one of the best I’ve seen in long time, the Chaos sides guys will say they had a bit of bad luck and I would agree, but mainly it was the tactics that won the day, all I can say is well done AndyL.

I had to go back to the wood while it was light after that since my sword went missing, I failed to find it which is bit rubbish from a otherwise good time.

Last night I went to pub for yet more Larp stuff as I met Jock and AndyH to go through their characters for the upcoming event they will be playing.