Thursday, 1 January 2009

Christmas to New Years Eve

I've had a busy Christmas, at least busy in the sense I've been out of the house a lot.

Christmas day was spent with AndyT and Linda and Boxing day with Julie and DaveP, Sunday I went for a meal war gaming at DaveA's who now lives deep in East Nottingham, Monday I travelled even further way out to Louth on the east coast of Lincolnshire to meet up with Pete and Barbara who I had lots of stage and reenactment adventures with many years ago, and last night I was at AndyL and Heathers for New Year Eve, inbetween all that my mother came back from her cruise and I've met up with brother Robert, done a bit of shopping and stopped AndyL playing Warhammer Online in the Shop for several hours. So apart from my friend Steve's Birthday at the weekend when the plan is to go for Chinese I've done going out, I can now watch telly and perhaps even do stuff around the house.

Mums Cruise went from Acapulco Mexico in the Pacific through Panama Canal to Barbados in the Atlantic Ocean. She and my sister both enjoyed themselves getting very wet in the jungle excursion and eating lots on the ship, but neither want to be away at Christmas again.

Since they finished up in Barbados they brought me back a Rastafarian hat complete with dreadlocks modeled in the photo below...

...a tee shirt to suit a very fat American (not modelled), I think to make up for last holidays tee shirt which was too small, my mum also bought a herself a animatronic singing rastafarian lion as video below, the song Don't Worry, Be Happy does succeed I felt happy after watching this. I did chop out quite a bit of the video clip since the lion sings the full song and the clip was over the 100MB limit, 130 MB I think now compressed, cut and reduced 7MB

My trip to Pete and Barbara's was with Jock and Bridgette on the way we called in at Horncastle for a spot of lunch which was horrid I ordered a small pizza thing which they emptied a jar of dried herbs on top of, the Coffee house was however better at its drink having the one of biggest selection of hot drinks I can remember seeing, I ordered a black tea blended with wild cherries which was lovely despite no lid on the tea pot because all the staff were off and they had no one to wash up.

Once at the small village just outside Louth were Pete and Barbara live I got to see their mud and stud house for the 1st time, a house built in the 16C from mud and straw, with a timber frame. When they bought the house they had to replace a collapsed wall by digging fresh mud from the garden. The house has no straight or level walls or floors, I not talking a few inches more a few feet here and there, the Kitchen cabinets seem to lean at strange angles but are I'm told the only straight and level item in the house. The bedrooms each have independent stairs to them that are more like ladders and one of the beds has a 8" block to level it a one corner. I was going to take photos but forgot, next time I'm there.

Yesterday apart from quick visit to the shops I stayed in since it was bitter cold -4 deg C and the frost was blowing around like snow, even Julie's hat did not stop my head feeling cold.

Last Night I spent my evening a AndyL and Heathers with various people I know and a few I didn't, Mike, Rich and Leah Andy's shop staff, Matt and Apryl local friends who left early and Heathers old school chums Liz and Jackie I think were their names, who where very friendly. Most of the guest were staying the night, I however like to get home to my own bed, rather than drink so drove home about 2.30pm after playing a game of 3 card brag which AndyL inevitable won since he plays it a lot at events.

That's my week, happy New Year to everyone who reads this.