Thursday, 20 December 2007

Photos from the Dad side

My Dad (the one with the pipe) with his brothers and a Aunt.

Great GranddadH with a lump of coal for carnival guess the weight compitition.

my Dad's dad, GrandadH in the army

Great GrandmaH during the war as a untilty driver

Great GranddadH on his land

My dads other Grandma, Great Grandma T.

Where I was born, land workers hut, me & parents lived totally in the one room hut on the left, (I was to young to remember) one of my Dad's Uncles had the caravan on the right.

GrandmaH the one circled.

There lots more photo's in my online album but you will need to ask me for the link and password if your interested.

Trip into family past

Last night my Dad made his annual visit to see me and brought with him as well as Christmas presents to exchange and pile of old photos.

My Dad had decided as eldest son to hand on to his eldest son loads of family photos, death certificates and other papers, so we spent a few hours going through his memories, a photo of Kenneth his brother who died aged 7, he told me of my Great Grandma who was re-married after my great granddad who shot himself with shotgun, she had 15 children but only 9 survived.

Both Granddads were miners, but apart from that my father side of the family were farmers and I was born on a farm, so it was nice to see some good picture of the farming activities, plus photos of various great grandparents & grandparents during the war my granddad on horseback, my great grandma driving a very old car in some short of war support service (she never had driving licence but didn’t need one then) a uncle who was eventually torpedoed in the war, some good photos which would look good framed (I may scan some and put them on this blog).

I also now have a family tree from my father side; my mother side had already been plotted by one of my Aunties.

He also left a large antique framed photo of my Great Granddad that I will find somewhere to hang in my house.