Tuesday, 6 February 2007

New Pants

New project started at last, taking advice from Julie I decided to make a mock up of the chudidaar style trouser I'm making for my new Character Gurunda. Stage 1 create a pattern, well Julie provided me a outline pattern but in the end I decided to copy the shape of a existing pair of Jogging bottoms and just widen them, the idea being I can shrink and change the shape during the sewing as they are mock up, so start big 1st. That's done and fabric cut out, currently I have 4 pieces of Fabric each one will go half way round my waist, so some will be absorbed by seams but with 4 bits I think they will be baggy enough, and of the hero pants variety I intend. Stage 2 will be working out the cuffs for ankles, may leave this until I make the real version of trousers.
During this process the hardest bit was stopping the cat nicking the chalk, pawing the scissors and rolling in fabric, who knows what she will do when the sewing machine is rolled out, either run from the noise or try to climb the fabric. Task were so much easier without a Jasmine the monkey, cat.