Thursday, 28 August 2008

I went to see the Big Red

In my still tired state I went to see Hellboy II (The Golden Army) last night.

If you liked the 1st movie I would highly recommend it, by the director that did Pan’s Labyrinth and you can see his style in the elves and other assorted creatures. Some of the scenes also reminded me of the last Cthulhu table top role play game I played; actually they reminded me of it quite lot.

Hellboy is not a cerebral superhero movie like the latest Batman offering, more an action movie with lots one line humour, but saying that it’s a good story that is consistent and makes sense not totally relying on the action, or re-writing the previous like some follow ups do.

I enjoyed it and it kept me awake which is more than I feel now.

I also came home with 4 cakes from Debbie, and half price entry because of a ticket cock up.