Monday, 29 September 2008

Battle in Ripley Shop

After a week of doing nothing but organising a table top battle to represent 26 larp players, the day of the battle arrived.

The battle would last all day I arrived and unpacked the figures at 9.30am and finished packing them away at 5.30pm, even with that amount of time each side only got 3 turns each due to the complexity of all the little scenarios running through the game. General Dave and General Samantha took control of Von Dumas force at 11am and General Andy took control of the undead forces of the Witch King. Andy deployed heavily on one flank since he was after a object, while Dave followed Sam battle plan and put most of their forces up the centre and protecting a object on the other flank. The result was a total and utter points draw 17 victory points each, a most unexpected result. It was Andy's 1st go a controlling a warhammer army and while he was not familiar with the rules his skills at bluff and deception did him great service, allowing him to gain the points he needed, while Dave a more experienced wargammer used his troops skillfully to his best advantage, while contending with the Larp game player needs and one Larp players attempt to kill everyone by deploying a nuclear bomb that stole all Dave and Sam's tactics.

After the battle we went to Pub for meal with Andy, Heather and kids, Mike, Dave, Kate, Sam, Jak and his daughter who had spent all day hiding in corner almost unnoticed doing a good impression of Violet Parr Invisible girl from the Incredible.

After food Dave was bunking in my spare room, and the following day we returned to Chimera shop to collect my figures and played a few games with our old Magic the Gathering decks before Andy and Mike joined us to shows us how good the new decks are. I then dropped off a very groggy Dave at the station to make his way home.

Below is few pictures of figures painted & remodelled by myself and Dave

Izzanbard mounted on his Dragon

Von Dumas on flying platform fights the Witch King on his giant flying beast

Bel (by Dave), Jessica (by Dave), Morticia, & Major Hoight (by Dave)

Jessica showing off by flying alongside Izzanbard (he can fly too)

Fang in his new cage

Major Hoight(by Dave), War and a Von Dumas Robot