Saturday, 24 January 2009

Gentlemen do silly things.

During the Christmas break I treated myself to a Elderflower juice drink in a fancy bottle, however I didn't get to drink it during the holiday, last week I poured myself a big glass full and it was horrid really bitter, but I hate wasting stuff so persevered and drank the glass and left the rest in fridge, later I had a headache and wondered if the drink contained something that didn't agree with, that's when a read the label Elderflower Cordial dilute 1 part to 10 parts water, yuck, its actually quite nice once diluted.

Facebook came alive last week with a big bunch of old friends from my past medieval life finding me, its quite good really since its nice to hear from them and see the old photos they have dug up of me. I think of Facebook as a lightweight fun place to keep in touch with friends ( and provide sellers with information about me to pop adverts at me ) not a place do anything else with, but it does let you link up with and find old friends simply because its so popular, something that Friends re-united never was.

Talking of old photos here are few from Gentlemen of Honour a reenactment group that only lasted year and involved me travelling to London several times for rehearsals, the group would have gone far and was very popular with English Heritage unfortunately the majority of the group based in London wouldn't commit to another year and so the organiser couldn't commit to EH so the group folded just like that. I did get to use the costume a few years later for LARP though.

Photos of me sporting a pony tail and firing a real antique black powder pistol

Me and Barbara chatting about the period in front the audience.

Setting the scene.

Me and Captain Pete

Photo 4 of 52

I had a choice of photos and 4 different subjects this week, in the long run I chose another photo of my cat saying hello in the garden.