Thursday, 10 September 2009

Fried Fey.

On Saturday I had friends Leslie and Samantha stay over, Leslie was unfortunately caught up in the railway chaos and arrived much later than expected.

Both Sam and Leslie have fussy diets, Sam’s being wheat and a few other things free and Leslie being a vegetarian who does not like eating, so while I did offer in the end I left them to cater for themselves which meant in Sam case lots of fried food which made my house smell for several days.

During the evening Sam caught a sight of my copy Sapphire and Steel an old surreal, spooky sci-fi TV series from the late 70’s early 80’s .We put in the DVD player and watched 6 half hour long episodes of the first series. While the sets, special effects and even some the acting is dire, the atmosphere and mood they create with music, lighting, and long pauses is excellent and while not always making sense, the plot/storyline I still find interesting a quite gripping. It’s reminded me I should order the 2nd series if it’s available.

Jasmine has discovered she likes climbing into bags see photo below.

Sunday was the latest Ascendancy battle; AndyL pitted his wits against RichS who had lots of help (or hindrance) from about 10 other players, see photos below.

The game gave AndyL all the initial tactical advantages in deployment which he used to good effect, while RichS had a 15% points advantage after his initial losses which were written into the scenario and not counted, RichS also could only really react to what Andy did since he was on the back foot from the start. The battle ended in a draw with 7 victory points each side, although Andy was 2 points ahead until very last move.

A good if very tiring couple of days.