Saturday, 27 June 2009

Do I Have a Hat Problem?

After getting a few hats for birthday from my friends Julie and Dave who know I like wearing and collecting hats I thought I would see how many I actually have.

Well I managed to find 41 (excluding turbans and wigs), which I don't think is that bad, I obviously need more.

I definitely need to find a few more Chinese hats, a stove pipe and perhaps normal top hat, straw boater, perhaps a stetson, oh and a good wizards hat.

Here is a few of the hats I have.

My latest hats is this one made by Julie for my birthday, its great, I love it.

I was informed it took quite few hours to make and includes her 1st tassel, no doubt when Julie finds a bit of spare time she will blog about the making of it.

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