Monday, 19 May 2008

My weekend did go to plan

I seem to have spent this weekend with things not quite going to plan, this started Saturday when I was washing a bunch of red and brown coloured cloths at low temperature, something in there must have bled red, since all the white stripes on one Tshirt are now pink, my jeans pockets are now pink on the inside, and other labels or uncoloured items are now pink, not a total disaster since the pockets cannot be seen and the stripes in the T shirt are very thin so I can still wear it, but I did not think die in modern clothing bled so much at 40degC, my mother said I should wash new red or navy cloths in salt first.

I went shopping in Derby's new Westfield centre, but ended up getting everything I needed from local indoor market, I also called in on AndyL & Heather on the way back from Derby, I only nipped in but ended staying 3 hours, discussing characters, looking at Paris photo's and other stuff, so by the time I done most of the day had gone of a weekend I needed to get busy.

Later that evening I went along to Andy's & Heathers they had arranged a baby sitter for a evening for the 1st time in months and I was going to the cinema to see Iron Man with them, on arrival they had just had a poo disaster their youngest girl having got runny diarrhea exploding over a blanket, they had to cancel the cinema and the baby sitter. I trumped she said, to which Daddy replied you did a little more than trump.

I stayed with them and watched a DVD once the kids had retired, the DVD was called Night Watch a kind Russian version of the Matrix, about 1/4 of an hour into the film I was really struggling to follow the plot via subtitles, they did not make sense, then further into the film Andy says I think we are missing 1/2 the conversation so he went back into the menu and took us off hard of hearing mode onto the dubbed English version. The film then started to make more sense or at least the conversation. I was entirely unconvinced by the movie, which to me was weird for weird sake.

Sunday I set out to put some costume bits together, I made a neck tie jabot (sorry don't know if that's the name for it) type thing which did not turn out to plan, but is good enough for now. but having took far longer than planned, spending time updated maps, playing with ribbon, I never made it outside to cut the hedge, I will have to find time one night this week.

I did eventually get to see Iron Man Sunday evening Heather rang, they had re-arranged a baby sitter in the form of Meridian Ariel. Great movie if you like that sort of thing, and I do.

So I only did half of what I planned for this weekend, and the things I did didn't end up quite right, so I now feel ready for day off to catch up.