Monday, 9 July 2007

Support your local shop

This may not be the most interesting thing to write about but I’ve just had a good experience with the purchase of my new cooker.
After trying Comet and Curry’s I went to the local shop in the village on Friday they where £ 20 cheaper than Comet and Curry’s for the equivalent model, and not only that they included delivery, installation and taking your old appliance away a cost of £ 105 on top from Comet and £ 65 from Curry’s, they also did not try to sell me a 5 year warranty for a extra £ 154. So a saving of £ 279

The other thing the local shop would deliver at a specific time, the shop owner also proceeded to tell me my family’s life history, from the name on the receipt he knew my mothers maiden name, my old address, and one of my uncle’s names etc. amazing memory.

Delivery today went smoothly they turned up exactly on time allowing me to travel from work home and back to work again all within an hour thus no wasted holidays waiting in for trades and approximate delivery times.