Monday, 29 June 2009

Cottage mice battles

This weekend I spent Saturday battling in a warm Chimera shop, although its been worse and I expect this week it will be worse with all the fuss the media are making about 28 degrees, its not like southern Europe where you get upto 40 degrees, or death valley where you get up into 50's although the name death valley says a lot.

The battle itself involved Sam and Jock fighting AndyL and loosing, probably because Jocks plan A went down the toilet through bad luck and they had no plan B, although I would say they had a very difficult job to do. I used 50 or so newly painted chaos warriors in the battle but I have no pictures since I didn't take my camera to the shop and now they are packed away.

Sunday I spent finishing my friend website for their holiday cottage, well getting to a stage they can check it, make comments, corrections, addition etc. So I spent a good few hours of my afternoon sitting at my computer screen, that's after nipping to PCworld for a new mouse. It really hard to find basic mouse, and they all seemed to be wireless, in the end I succumbed to a wireless one since the basic ones just didn't feel right.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Do I Have a Hat Problem?

After getting a few hats for birthday from my friends Julie and Dave who know I like wearing and collecting hats I thought I would see how many I actually have.

Well I managed to find 41 (excluding turbans and wigs), which I don't think is that bad, I obviously need more.

I definitely need to find a few more Chinese hats, a stove pipe and perhaps normal top hat, straw boater, perhaps a stetson, oh and a good wizards hat.

Here is a few of the hats I have.

My latest hats is this one made by Julie for my birthday, its great, I love it.

I was informed it took quite few hours to make and includes her 1st tassel, no doubt when Julie finds a bit of spare time she will blog about the making of it.

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A rock in the sea.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Holiday in the North York Moors

We went on holiday last week, we being me, Julie and Dave, it was for all of us the first normal holiday for many years at least 12 in my case and possibly much longer for Julie and Dave, so it was a holiday well deserved.

Despite the weather and a few other things we made the best of the time we had, visiting Robin Hoods Bay, Whitby, Eden Camp, Pickering, The Moors Centre at Danby, Boggle Hole, Middleborough, The Hole of Horcum, Goathland as well as walking the moors.

I think I enjoyed Robin Hoods bay best, although Eden Camp was very interesting and great value for money.

At Boggle Hole Dave went fossil hunting and nearly got crushed to death when some of the overhanging rock 10 yards from him fell down with a bang, I ran the other way while Dave ran towards the fall looking for fresh fossils, which he found.

During our sunny walk (the only day we needed sun cream) from Robin Hoods Bay to Boggle hole we had to cross a small steam, Julie and Dave didn't want to get their boots wet, me I just marched through the shallow bit.

The valley we where in called Glaisdale was good 25minutes car drive up and down small steep and windy roads from the nearest main road across cattle grids which kept the sheep and lama's in. The area was full of wildlife from rabbits to deer, all of which especially the birds didn't seem to understand cars were dangerous, see the squashed snake photo.

This is the set of cottages we stayed in, very nice, even if lacking a decent sharp knife and oven that would cook anything in less than 2 hours.

We also visited Whitby or Goth land vampire land, didn't enter the Abbey, although I'm sure English Heritage probably made the ruin worth its 6quid price tag.

While out on the moor we saw lots of cotton grass, which is apparently good for stuffing pillows and making dressing for wounds out of.

Picture of eroded grave stone in Whitby.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

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North York Moors - Cotton Grass

Saturday, 13 June 2009

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No photos from this week so I've chose a older one that I've not used.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

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Dr Who Exhibition colours left has the camera took them