Sunday, 29 March 2009

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Out of set of rubbish photos this one seemed the least wargamy

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Lizard man painting and other things

I can at last make time to update my blog after 4 hectic days well evenings of emails, planning and figure painting in preparation for this Saturdays Ascendancy wargame in the Chimera shop.

Following on from great weekend at Murton Park larping, filling my food bag with fairy liquid, and eating lots of cake, I started putting together a myriad of ideas from the players, some very simple, some needing clarification and background help on perceived skills and some interesting and complex, that's now done and documented for play this weekend.

I've also finished painting a bunch of Lizardmen, enough for the battle of the type I wanted anyway. I've not spent long on them, painted in a big batch relying on washes to give a bit of depth rather painting high lights and details.

The box of figures ready for battle

This photo of a serpent man is very old figure.

This in the photo below is the new style lizardman, these small type are called Skinks

This is also a old style lizardman, possibly the worst lizardman figures Games Workshop produced, I painted this one only to use as a Sauron Priest.

From the very earliest range of lizardmen, this was called a troglodyte, in my army it will now be a Kroxigor.

This was also from the first range of Lizardmen, and the same size as the new Skinks which are skirmishers, however the old models are not suitable to be skirmishers, so I will be using them like a Saurus warriors.

This is a Saurus warrior from the latest range of lizardmen.

The week at work as been a bit traumatic to top it all, so it will be nice to have a rest, knowing everything is ready.

I finally got a taste for African Rooibos in the form Twining African Rooibos with strawberry and vanilla, the pure Rooibos I have tried a couple of times and well drank it, but wouldn't have asked for 2nd cup, Julie brewed me a cup of Tetleys rooibos and vanilla with milk which was the 1st one I liked, but this is 1st I would buy more of, perhaps a few more cups down the line I will go back to pure rooibos and see if I now like it more.

One fault with the new beverage is my work colleagues struggle at the best of times to make tea, and asking for fruit infusion really confuses them especially as I like the tea bag left in, so asking someone to make me rooibos tea was a mistake since I was in a meeting and they left the tea bag in and it was too bitter to drink, by the time it got to my mouth.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

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Nearly forgot my photo this week, I seem to have missed photo opportunities, so this is the best I can do. One freshly brushed cat.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Clasps, Fair and a Movie

Last week I went to see the Watchmen movie which having never read the comic or seen any previews was quite a shock due to unexpected level of violence, I have no idea how much it follows the comic but enjoyed it enough that the film flew by which I suppose is all you can ask.

Visited TORM on Saturday with Jock and Bridgette, Jock withing minutes of walking in the door and without looking anywhere else finished his shopping buying a pirate frock coat, waistcoat and shirt. I was shocked at the speed, and even more shocked that every item he picked up fitted him perfectly, no growing room though so he better lay off the pie's.

I bought feathers, cloak clasps and a medieval mug, total spend probably around a tenner.

Two of the cloak clasp founds were only in silver pewter, I did find one in bronze and another bronze one at home, anyway following Dave suggestion I gave the silver ones a brown wash and then varnished them before sewing them on opposite to each other as Julie suggested making it less likely they would come unfastened. Result as photo below just to show the advice was useful.

Sunday afternoon I spent painting unit of 20 Lizardmen as per the photo below, while listening to 1st sounds spring which was a lawn mower a couple of gardens away.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Tea Wall

No its not a advert for Tetley's, just making sure I don't run out after Coventry ran out of stock.

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Gargoyle in the garden.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Waaagh!!! in Nottingham

Yesterday I visited Nottingham for the first time in ages with no particular plan other than to pick DaveP up from Games Workshop later that afternoon.

Currently I take my little pocket camera with me most places I go for my Photo of the week and to just generally records things, Nottingham is pretty city well worth a visit, although with all the modern shop fronts you rarely look up at the interesting buildings above eye level, so I took a few photographs.

I also took a picture of the Nottingham wheel.

Parking was expensive, and made me realise why I don't visit that often and when I do I use the park and ride since its far cheaper, I bought a few books from Waterstones before heading off to Games Workshop.

Last time I visit Games Workshop they only just moved into the Lenton HQ and it was nice to see the place decorated.

Dave was playing in a massive Ork v everything else war game spread over a dozen large tables called Waaargh!!!! the game was almost over by the time I arrived so most of Dave's figures were mostly packed away and Dave was mentally shattered so somewhat incoherent.


The Ork team with bit more waaaaaaaaaaaghhhhh!!!!!

Dave reaching the finishing point.

Dave's 100 Ork unit being whittled down by Terminators.

Dave trying to think.

Dave reaching battle overload.

Once Dave finished we headed over to AndyL and Heathers for pizza, which we then followed with a Magic card game or two which AndyL won both times having spotted a game winning card when we making up our decks, Heather did far better this time playing with her actual chosen cards rather than her discard deck, while Dave did too well early on and ended up the target of everyone else.

Dave stopped the night and when heading to bed at around 2am he set off the fire alarm that's connected to a light switch for testing, which would not have pleased the neighbors.

This morning I dropped Dave off at the station so he could return to Games Workshop for another day of gaming, at least that's if he could find the energy.

Friday, 6 March 2009

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My photo of the week is the Nottingham Eye renamed for legal reasons to the Nottingham Wheel.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

I bought a new hat.

Nice trip to Living History Fayre in Warwickshire yesterday with Julie and Dave, we also ran in Doug and Izsy for a quick chat, and few other friends not has many as usual though. The fayre was very busy and I heard one trader comment "what recession" and another mention to Julie that all the stock they had left was on display.

I bought myself a 18thC knitted seaman's forage cap from 'Tinkers Tailor' as per the photo below, a pretty book with blank pages as a birthday present.

After watching Doug and Izsy buy cakes from the confectioners (Angela Pantry) stall I also succumbed and bought a packet of Whiskey and Ginger Fudge, and some small round white sweets called Whores Farts (warning do not put this into your search engine to check the ingredients as I did you get all sorts xxx related links even if you add extra words like sweet or confectionery) can't tell you whats in them since there's no label and forgot what it said on the stall which is very irritating. Both packs of sweets are for my mother, although I won't be telling her what the sweets are called, I did get to try the fudge since Doug started a trend and Julie also bought some, and gave me bit to try, very nice.

Dave tried on a Tail coat without asking the price as the photo below on what was from previous experience a very expensive stall, so after 15 minutes of dressing looking and examining the garment he finally asked the price to which the nice man replied well the outfits six hundred pounds, the coat on its own three hundred and fifty pounds, to which Dave replied a little out my pocket I was thinking well hundred pound tops, hmm did see that one coming still Dave did go back and buy some very nice epaulets from same guy.

After the fayre we went for bite to eat at the Cocked Hat in Coventry rather than try the cardboard food at the Fayre which is most unappealing.

Today my tasks were and are to get information from AndyL and start the map for the Acendancy Borgengast campaign and also paints some toy soldiers, I'm currently painting Lizardmen one unit is complete, 1 started and 3 undercoated to make my five unit target.