Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Battle for New Tara

Sunday I looked after a war game the battle for New Tara part of the AscendancyLRP system using Warhammer rules.

The game ended up with far more players than expected not only Sam(Wood) & Gareth(War), turned up but James(Alex), Jak(Garaw), ChrisA(Jaunty), Kieron(Marlow), Dan(Bulverik), and (Alex)Joseph. So we had 8 players v Andy and John who where not only outnumbered off the battlefield but on with the players having far more points, lots of characters and magic, still even so the victory condition where such that Andy & John could still have created a victory.

So with 10 people all wanting the odd answer every few seconds I was glad to have Alex there who knew Warhammer rules far better than me and answered most of the technical question, leaving me to deal with special Ascendancy rules and the battle right up.

The battle was finally won by the players 35 points to 24 points closes than it looked, a long day but but enjoyable.

(click image for larger picture)

Craven on his beast next to the Black Knights.

Skeleton Crossbow.

Chance fights Necromancer.

Tsunami Fights Ghouls.


Havelock reaches the gate.

Garaw Fights Zombies