Sunday, 4 July 2010

Today Sunday.

Just spent today visiting friends, went to visit Jock and Bridget, knocked on the door and didn't get a answer but as I walked away the old lady a few doors up the street with her black cat said their in you know just knock louder, the street Jock and Bridget live on is obviously a proper old fashioned neighbourhood were neighbours actually speak to each others and know each other business.

Bridget was drying her hair and Jock in the bath, anyway the old lady apparently knows every one's movements on the street via the black cats that talk to her. Not long after sitting down with them for a coffee a 85 year gentleman started shoving chocolate bars through the letter box, something he does regularly according to Bridget, although occasionally its out of date packets of biscuits, apparently he's going a little senile and forgets were he lives, but he's friendly old chap, still wearing the same winter coat this summer he wore 30 years ago and gives big exuberant waves to everyone like he knows you.

This photo deserve a explanation but I won't give it.

After spending a couple of hours with Jock and Bridget, I went on to visit Andy and Linda, mainly to drop off Andy's birthday card.

I arrived in the midst of crisis Andy had attempted to cut off his finger with the electric hedge cutters, but luckily was unsuccessful and just managed a horrible mangled looking cut which did not want to stop bleeding, still a bandage later he had regained his lost hit point.

Linda then showed me her bra and told about the sponsored moon walk she did for breast cancer with Freda who is currently recovering from her Chemotherapy, a 15 mile fast walk which started at midnight through to the early hours, which is probably why its called the Moon Walk. Back to the bra the participants all had to wear decorated bra's, Linda's was pink and covered in lights.

Linda's bra

While I'm posting bad photograph here is one of Ste at Andy and Linda's BBQ a few weeks ago.

While I think about it Katie who is currently in USA on a 4 week camping trip showed me her new tattoo on her foot at the same BBQ.

This is better photo, taken by somebody else.

Before visiting my friends I went to Tansley's massive car boot, which was very busy with the nice weather, but saw nothing I wanted. I was mainly looking for junk to use for props, but nothing inspired me. I did go skip diving earlier in the week and recovered a Dr Who Tardis that was spotted.

Junk is great, as you can see below this is what you get from old brass imitation light, a draw handle, a old table leg and drainer. Yes you get a steam punk elemental powered drill, obviously :).