Sunday, 8 March 2009

Waaagh!!! in Nottingham

Yesterday I visited Nottingham for the first time in ages with no particular plan other than to pick DaveP up from Games Workshop later that afternoon.

Currently I take my little pocket camera with me most places I go for my Photo of the week and to just generally records things, Nottingham is pretty city well worth a visit, although with all the modern shop fronts you rarely look up at the interesting buildings above eye level, so I took a few photographs.

I also took a picture of the Nottingham wheel.

Parking was expensive, and made me realise why I don't visit that often and when I do I use the park and ride since its far cheaper, I bought a few books from Waterstones before heading off to Games Workshop.

Last time I visit Games Workshop they only just moved into the Lenton HQ and it was nice to see the place decorated.

Dave was playing in a massive Ork v everything else war game spread over a dozen large tables called Waaargh!!!! the game was almost over by the time I arrived so most of Dave's figures were mostly packed away and Dave was mentally shattered so somewhat incoherent.


The Ork team with bit more waaaaaaaaaaaghhhhh!!!!!

Dave reaching the finishing point.

Dave's 100 Ork unit being whittled down by Terminators.

Dave trying to think.

Dave reaching battle overload.

Once Dave finished we headed over to AndyL and Heathers for pizza, which we then followed with a Magic card game or two which AndyL won both times having spotted a game winning card when we making up our decks, Heather did far better this time playing with her actual chosen cards rather than her discard deck, while Dave did too well early on and ended up the target of everyone else.

Dave stopped the night and when heading to bed at around 2am he set off the fire alarm that's connected to a light switch for testing, which would not have pleased the neighbors.

This morning I dropped Dave off at the station so he could return to Games Workshop for another day of gaming, at least that's if he could find the energy.