Monday, 23 July 2007

Floods and tears


What ever the reason I was tired during weekend and feel shattered now, its probably a combination of tough week at work, a hard drive to the event, a tough event and the dismal weather.

I have today off and actually contemplating going back to bed.

The weather was terrible on Friday, by the time we hit the M5 it was flooded and the odd wave of water hit us every time a truck or car going by far too fast overtook you. By the time we got to M50 my co-pilot
Julie was on the look out for hidden lakes and watching the drains pouring out across the road, luckily most lakes where mud orange so easily spotted and driven through very carefully, lots of accidents on the hill side of the road where the water was deepest, however the little extra height and better tires of 4x4 gave me a bit more confidence. Getting to site not far behind schedule we learnt of people phoning stranded on the M5 behind us, some spending all night there, so it appeared we got through just in time. Very sodden tents were erected in appalling conditions and we never really dried out all weekend.

The event went ahead as planned with enough dry weather to make it work, despite some players and crew being stranded including the main man who had to drive via London and arrived at 1.30am Saturday morning. The event was hard because of the emotional style of roleplay & lack of progress unless you count finding dead ends, absolutely no good news only more bad, the light at the end of tunnel is getting dimmer and dimmer.

Just to make matters worse the M1 was down to one lane for repairs combined with a accident meant I did not get home until gone midnight.

Today well dry so far.