Sunday, 24 February 2008

Larp Fair

On Saturday I went to Larp fair near Barnsley with Friends AndyT & Linda, whose Son Christopher is a fellow Larper. The fair had slightly more stalls than last time, I'm told 5 extra traders, although it didn't feel that many, but definitely was significantly busier.

I saw Rich, Heather, Colin, Gareth, Amy & Micheal from the system I play and spent a small amount of time with them going around the stalls, while eating cakes and drinking fruit tea with AndaT & Linda, Christopher was no where to be seen, well not entirely true he knew lot of people there so spent his time with them leaving his girlfriend who is not a Larper to wonder bemused by it all. Gareth was looking for Axes and severed feet, he couldn't find one made of stone and Magnus proof.

I purchased a new expensive robe for Izzanbard black to replace the monks robe he wears, I will turn the purple wool I have into replacement surcoat for the Corduroy one I currently own. Other than that I purchased trinkets, clock, purse, pouches, a ring, scroll case, and two new belts, one for general real world wear. Oh I also got a pair of gloves, but no latex or guns, since I already have plenty more than I use. I did want some boot tops but didn't see any I liked.

I managed to find time to have a quick wonder around a few of craft shops on site, but found them uninspiring, nice stuff I'm sure, but no different to what you see in hundreds of places.

Sunday morning I turned up at the Chimera shop, in theory to look at the potential of using some of AndyL's hero clicks for the next war game, but AndyL was throng organising a Yu-gi-oh tournament, assembling chairs and tables and so I left him to it as 20 or so kids were pouncing on him.

I returned home to finish off the Magnus and Emperor Steiner figures the only things I have left to paint for the upcoming table top battle, done.

So this the afternoon decided to cut out the fabric for my replacement surcoat, need to decide how to finish the edges and if it needs a lining. I just started marking it out on the floor when I remembered the wool had not been washed worried about shrinkage I've just stuck it in the washer.

The figures varnished, wool in the wash, nothing on the computer to do, which means when I finish this I might have to do house stuff like tidying or cleaning.