Monday, 28 April 2008

Nexus battle

This weekend the Ascendancy Battle organised by myself and Andy at the Chimera shop finally took place after 2 weeks of effort in painting and organisation.

The battle was successes, and it all flowed well, even if the size of the battle was little ambitious for a 5 hour game.

On Saturday Julie came up to help me record events, Jock became one the Generals and Mike someone I had not met became the other General, we also had visit from SamK, Colin, RichardS, Amy and Jak from the Ascendancy Larp game to see what was happening. SamK and DaveP also helped by painting and providing some extra figures.

I had spent the previous weeks painting elves, see pictures below

and building a terrain piece called the Nexus, a couple of picture below, one at the tiered cake stage and one finished.
With help from DaveP we also created some special character figures see picture below
After the battle Me Julie, Jak and Mike went back to Andy & Heathers for a Chinese take away and a bit of quiet chat, I also sampled Heathers M&S cakes..yum.
On Sunday I woke up to type up the battle from the players, Julie had taken 4 A4 pages of notes in small handwriting for me to work from, however the 1st thing I encountered was 48 spam bots registered on our Forum, it took me over an hour to delete them, by the time I had done and recorded them 2 more had appeared.
So after I instead visited Andy in the shop to collect my figures and he was still running around making me coffee's despite his operation, he had organised yet more wargames in the shop and had 7 players all waiting for the 8th to show up, who was apparently playing WOW when they phoned to chase him.
I then when home via mothers to feed and check on her cat while she was away, typed up the battle post for the players and then crashed on the sofa.