Saturday, 5 April 2008

I'm sure its purple.

Today I had a few little jobs to finish for my character Izzanbard Devlin, so 1st thing this morning I visited Clare's Beautiful Beads and Crafts in Belper following advice from Meridian Ariel. I needed a clasp, and leather thread to hang my new marble in a claw that I had purchased at TORM. Clare's is a fascinating shop which I will visit again, the shop had everything I wanted so the marble is now mounted (see picture below)

The next thing I intended was to remake my tabard in a better fabric, I had some purple wool, so set to cutting and sewing it together, and by 3pm I was done, see the photo below which shows the old (made from corduroy) and new.

This is based on a pattern provided by Julie which I simply found in my email inbox and re-used. I only made one error while assembly on the very last hem of the front panel, somehow it ended up 2" (50mm) shorter than the other 3, so I unpicked it, luckily I had left just enough spare material and sewed it back together to match the length of the others. (It was very noticeable when I took the photograph)

The new tabard is go together with the new black robe the 2 are pictured together below, (click photo for larger image) which will provide Izzanbard a slightly higher quality look. The robe is 15thC medieval in style, with slit sleeves and was made by Jackie at Cloak'd and Dagger'd, and purchased at the Larp fair. I should have made my own, but I just didn't feel confident enough to tackle the item.