Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Oh dear & that went quick

This weekend was the 1st Ascendancy camping event this year, and the weather forecast was not great but the actual weather turned out nice if a little cold, but we were well prepared for cold so it was not a problem.

The event itself was a kind of culmination of long running personal plot but it all went horrible wrong, and the after effect will take a bit of repairing, which will take time to play through. Overall it was a sparky 1st event, with a unexpected outcome that will be a bit of set back for the players, but you can't win them all, indeed Ascendancy is well balanced game and you never truly win or loose, since everything you do has consequences.

I camped as usual with Julie who brought her new tent for it first outing, and she discovered a 3 foot long rip in the built in ground sheet that had been repaired with tape of same material as the ground sheet, she asked my opinion on take it back or live with it, if it had been smaller or better repair I would have said live with, but 3 foot is ridiculous, I'm not sure how the manufacturers thought they could get away with it, so hopefully she will get a replacement of the same design, which I think is quiet a good tent having camped in mine twice now in foul windy and wet weather.

I myself brought my new costume to try, I was worried about the length of the robe, but it turned out to be fine, and I did not trip over it. I was hoping for a few picture, but failed, I forgot to take my camera out of the car and missed other peoples photos, so pic's will have to wait until the next event.

I got back late around 10.30 after dropping off Julie and having quick natter with Dave about the event and looking at Charlie her cats wounded nose.