Thursday, 5 February 2009

My Snow Pictures

I took a couple of pictures but when you only see daylight on the way to work you don't chance have to pick and choose good subjects to photograph.

8am the snow has only been falling few hours and is coming down heavy

The road to work normally lined with parked cars it seems many decided to stay at home although I was surprised how many actually made it in considering all the slipping and sliding I witnessed.

Shining Cliff

Over the weekend during my walk I passed through Shining Cliff a place we use to Larp in and what once contained a useful youth hostel to sleep in and provide toilet facilities.

The hostel has now been taken over by a youth trust, who work in conjunction with the Grith Pioneers who own part of Shining cliff. The hostel and woodland have seen extensive refurbishment, a lot of dead wood has been cleared, with extensive stocks of logs lying about, the main path to hostel appears to be being used by vehicles and is now vehicle width all the way to the point we left the track, the awkward car park has all so received attention, all looks good but they want the area for themselves and consider walkers a pain that have to be allowed through so long as they don't stray and Larper a serious hazard to the undergrowth since they will no doubt stray from the paths and ruin the forna.

Following the link to the former hostels web site I get the impression for now at least there will be no way of renting it, the poster on the path says they are protecting the rare species of trees, ferns and mosses, for scientific interest, I don't know perhaps they are I want to protect such things also, but I feel they just want the area for themselves, whatever the reason I don't see us larping in that part of the woods anytime soon and will follow thier rules about visiting, the rest of the woods still remain fair game for all, that includes trail bikers tearing up the paths.

The Poster.

The path to the hostel

The Lake at the bottom of another path

The hill down to the lake