Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Looks good and mostly taste good.

Some picture of the Medieval food the Buckingham's Retinue produces at some their events.

A lot of work that goes into it is as you can see and it draws a audience all of its own, but don't ask me for the recipes I only ate it and it was good.

After reading about purple cauliflowers I was interested to learn form Buckingham's Retinue that carrots are only orange thanks to Dutch horticulturist, they used to be red or purple, although they have been it seems many colours including green and black, apparently Roman carrots where yellow or white and the Flemish introduced black carrots to Britain in the 14th Century, the original vegetable came from the Middle East Five thousand years ago and was grown for its medicinal leaves not it root, so there you go the brief history of the carrot, the original text is many pages long.