Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Week Long Rain

I'm just back from a weeklong of Ascendancy adventures that I enjoyed as much for the rest from works as the events themselves, normally I feel tired after a event but at this moment I'm feeling fine.

The weeklong started as it finished with rain, in fact out of 11 days I can only recall 2 totally dry days, most days had enough breaks in weather to allow things to be done despite the cloud cover which made it gloomy. The rain made things difficult to dry and every thing that returned home with me while not necessarily wet from the rain feels damp, the rain also seemed to bring out a large quantity slugs, the slugs manage to deform themselves through the lids of storage boxes into our food and made me throw half peeled banana on the floor from one slug surprise. The rain did provide a few advantage the noise on the tent drowned out the late night revellers, it probably kept a few insects at bay and I also have far less black dust up nose than usual, still would have preferred it drier.

Camping with Julie and Dave we ate well, and were suitably equipped for weather, we set up in our usual spot and managed to keep the food and gas bill below sixty quid each which was similar if not less than last year, the Storm Kettle unfortunately didn't get used much, but probably only cost us a couple of extra gas canister.

The event went well, It had some good moments, I will have fond memories of the Library encounters, the Smith/Goodfellow battle of wills, dancing to the most out tune, unrhythmical band I've ever heard, talking to Merlin, I do wish it I didn't feel so rushed at the time, being laughed at after revealing an embarrassing incident, the Frond ventriloquist act, the tavern journey.

I also worked with Julie on running some plot aimed at small group of players, for the most part it went well and I enjoyed playing the Prof. character, but getting our ref'ing pleasure unfortunately ruined our playing pleasure for the last weekend, however I'm hoping that if some of Andy's plans come off we may get to be involved in them, fingers crossed.

After a week of camping, I was really surprised how quiet home was, traffic is far quieter than cows with loud speakers, other wildlife and the sound of rain drumming on your tent.

This morning I collected Jasmine from the cattery who is obviously clinging to me, and following me around, my mother made me a cheese & potato pie and a blackberry and apple pie (3 cheers for mums) so apart from nipping to local shop for a loaf of bread I have not left the house, instead I've been loading up the washing machine, and providing a seat for Jasmine.