Sunday, 22 June 2008

Castle walls

I visited the pub twice on Friday, one to see off a work colleague after work the other later in the evening for a friends birthday, not that was drinking anything alcoholic all I had was 3 or 4 pints of J2O juice. I had a good night went to great pub I'd not been too for a very long time the Abbey pub at Darley Abbey, built in old medieval building its a pub with character that's not changed since I last visited, I suspect it's listed and not allowed to.

Other than that I had a quiet weekend, I planned the latest Ascendancy battle which involved reading plenty of emails to see what players wanted to do, discussing outcomes with head ref Andy of player requests for aid and then converting it all into Warhammer.
With this being a follow on battle left me virtually nothing to paint so I finished off a bit of wall and a castle keep.
Photo's below and nothing else.

Other than that I did next to nothing and had no time to do it in.