Sunday, 22 February 2009

Dwarves v Formori

Saturday I went play a AscendancyLRP wargame at Chimera, this was short small game, with 3 units a side, we played it out for about 4 hours, getting in around 10 turns.

Sam and Jak turned up to watch but were roped in, the scenario had been sorted out by AndyL, so Jak played the Formori General while I played the Dwarf Commander, Jonty turned up to help us with the rules, saving us looking everything up.
Sam meanwhile was writing up the battle and adding her influence to the Dwarf side since she has characters that are allied with the dwarves.

The game went smoothly for me for the 1st 5 turns, then a top of pile nasty anti hero command figure turned up out the blue on the Formori side and started to bring Formori troops back that I had routed, and things then started to look a little dodgy until I a had couple of lucky dice roles (or Jak a couple of bad ones) that sent this anti-hero running for his mum.

In the long run AndyL gave me a medium victory, although he also gave Jak and his Formori a minor victory since they nabbed off with a sample of the mines unique ore.

During the battle we played mostly with Mike's figures specially painted for the shop, with couple of dozen of mine to provide decoration and objectives.

Later we went back to Andy's, met up with Heather and then ordered in a Chinese meal, which I was ready for, before playing a mass game of Magic Cards for 4 hours, which Heather won, possibly because she was having so much bad luck with her cards that everyone ignored her until the end, then she nibbled off our toes with one point hits.

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