Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bites and Blunderbuss

I volunteered to help out at a Acendancy Lrp event on Saturday despite not really having the time to spare. The event organised by others took place in Shinning Cliff woods, which had received a major haircut since my last visit, the forestry commission had started a thinning out process to allow the hardwood trees to grow. [see photo below]

The other thing they had done was drain the swamp on the bottom, which I thought was nice feature, even if it did mean walkers were up to their ankles in mud.

The wood was full of flying insect life enjoying the last rays of sun before the autumn cold starts to set in, and they really wanted to bite anything they could find, which seemed to be mainly me. I’m feeling more bitten than I have in a long time, which since I was unprepared means I've itchy spots all over.

During the event we had a visit by the police, due to a concerned member of public spotting GarethP blunderbuss cap gun, which they reported has a shotgun, the police took our details and asked us how long we would be around in case of any more reports.
[Blunderbuss below]

The event itself was fun, Colin and RichS the writers had filled full of puzzles or puzzling issues which is their style, the players worked their way through them and seemed to enjoy themselves.
[Photo of Rich and Colin]

Got up 3am Sunday morning to take my Mother to airport, decided against coffee as wanted to get back and go to sleep, which was a mistake since I did not feel fully alert for the trip. I was surprised as I travelled through Nottingham at 4pm in the morning how many people were wondering the streets, some night clubbers, lots of police, teenage kids on bikes and folk that you just felt were up to no good.

I had said I could not help out with the Lrp Sunday since I was organising a table top battle, however I still turned up around 4.30pm at what I thought would be near the end of the event so I could join them at the Chinese restaurant later and found they were still in the middle of things so ended up helping out for another 2 hours.

After the event everyone got away about 7pm, some with long journeys back to Wales, while the rest of us went to a nearby Chinese restaurant for dinner before setting off home.

Me has a Djinn