Saturday, 4 October 2008

New Blog Background

I've just spent a just over an hour installing a new layout having been pointed to Allie Browns's site by Esther's blog, installing the new background itself took less than 5 minutes, in fact it took much longer to choose the background.

I then spent the rest of the time playing with font colours and making the header fit spot on.


I finally put together the cardboard cat playhouse fire engine see pictures below. Unlike Julies Charlie who would not fit in the playhouse Tank, Jasmine is a small cat and fitted, but she still made it look small.

Jasmine - Fire Cat Rescue Service.

Jasmine Fire Engine Driver - "MEOW meow, MEOW meow, MEOW meow" went the siren.

Jasmine Fire Engine Mechanic "The cardboard drive shaft needs some fish oil meow thinks"

Alert for Danger. Jasmine like any good fire cat is alert for other dangers, pieces of string and cat treats.

Like any good fire engine it also serves as good scratching post for the itch on the back of the neck.