Sunday, 20 April 2008

Preparing for war

I spent this week and weekend hermit like preparing for the Ascendancy Wargame, next weekend. Through living close AndyL, and my own interest I've ended up as deputy organiser and GM, Andy tells me the battle story and background, which NPC (non playing characters) will be there, and then leaves me to work out the details under his supervision.

The Battle planning started the last day of the last LRP event with me picking up a pile (literally) of figures from DaveP, these were a assortment of High elves in various states of damage and unfinished paint jobs, I must say upon opening the box it didn't look too bad, but once I dug a little deeper I realised that a lot of paint had worn off, and a lot of figures had not only unfinished paint jobs but unfinished or broken figure conversions and many units only had 5 out 20 figures anything other than undercoated.
DaveP does a lot of excellent conversion to his figures so I chose the best 6 units and set about repairing and painting them, given the time scale they won't be receiving good paint jobs, since the exercise is quantity over quality for this battle. I'm nearly finished and very grateful for DaveP letting me have these figure to use, since starting totally from scratch would have taken 3 times as long.

One the other tasks I undertake as Andy's deputy is write ups on our forums to motivate and inform players what is happening, this being a very complex battle, I also roped in DaveP's other half, my good friend Julie to do a bit of creative writing on my behalf, she as also volunteered to help me with the actual battle, which is excellent news considering I would have needed 2 me's to keep tabs on this very large battle with lots of complex player involvement via their briefs which have kept my email inbox full all week.

My next task having found out Monday in AndyL briefs was to built a terrain feature to represent the Hive Mind Nexus, that's also built but not painted, currently it looks a like a tiered cake, not quite the effect I was looking for but I think painting will rescue it.

I'm currently typing up the play sheets, event list (a list of things that happen each turn) and character stats, but need a break since it's mind boggling getting it all to fit nicely, which I know it won't anyway since this battle has nice character in it, a man who appears to like Port from what I read called Grendal, oh and very random mega cannon anti story device thingy and fractures....oh!.